Simgun Gaming - Base station wapen simulatie

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De base station houdt binnen een straal van een kilometer alle registraties van de individuele spelers tot wel 96 spelers real time bij. Met de base station bepaal je de gameplay, karakters, vitale en non vitale hits, head shots, blue on blue, no shoots,  marshall hits etc. etc. In combinatie met de blocking unit (gemaakt door Umarex) zijn de AEG airsoft wapens ook nog eens uit te schakelen.


The Simgun Base Station is a Command & Control Unit which has permanent radio contact with all systems and monitors live.

It records all events during a training (hits, kills, etc.) when using the DS200 system. The data is displayed on the computer using the SIMGUN software. The Command & Control Unit allows a live data feed plus a standard AAR (after action review).

It is important to notice that the Command & Control Unit is an accessory tool for a large number of participants with the need of precise ARR. The Simgun DS200 principally works as well without the Command & Control Unit.


  • Life monitoring of all data live with permanent updates
  • Software guarantees total control
  • Real time event display
  • Complete evaluation on PC
  • Different modes for various scenarios
  • Friendly fire evaluation
  • Detailed hits and/or kill analysis by participant