Shadow Strategic - Kill Rags

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Ideaal, een pouch met kill rag erin genaaid, onzichtbaar tijdens de game doordat de pouch met Molle aan het plaatvest kan worden bevestigd, trek de kill rag eruit na een hit en loop veilig terug naar de respawn, of blijf ontspannen wachten op de medic. Echt een airsoft must have, check ze in de winkel in Den Haag, of bestel veilig via de webshop!

If you've been hit you can send a signal with these brightly colored red "dead" rags. These rags are used for safety and are required at many arenas and fields to help prevent already shot players from getting shot again once they are out of the game. They also help signal to anyone who can see it that you are on your way back to respawn. Many times they are stored in pockets, pouches, and self-contained sleeves, they're often placed on the top of the head or around the end of the gun when a player is eliminated.


  • Simply pull the tab away to release the kill rag 
  • The kill rag is attached to the pouch so it will not be lost when you pull the rag out
  • Self-contained pouch with a built-in kill rag and will deploy in an instant
  • The kill rag is reusable: just stuff the rag back into the pouch and it is ready to go the next time
  • You can mount it to your gear with the included MOLLE strap or with the strap clip
  • High tensile strength composite nylon thread (stronger than ordinary industry standard nylon thread)
  • All Stress points double stitched, Bartacked or 'X Box' stitched for added strength.