Tapp Airsoft - Blade speed trigger V2 AEG

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Voor de airsofter of speedsofter die het maximale uit semi automatisch schieten wil halen zijn er de speed triggers van Tapp Airsoft. Deze trekkers zijn te monteren in een AEG airsoft wapen en zijn met "wandelende" vingers te bedienen voor een ultieme rate of fire op semi. Check ze in de winkel in Den Haag, of bestel veilig via de webshop!  

Tapp Triggers are 3D printed from high-quality Nylon PA12. These triggers give the play the ability to “walk” the trigger, this allows for consistent fire-rates in semi.

To adjust the trigger pull simply file/sand down the slightly large trigger tail to the desired trigger pull.

This trigger is intended to be used with a micro-switch. Warranty is void if used with standard trigger contacts.

We request that players respect their fields and other players by limiting their RPS to 10-15. This way the Tapp Triggers can be used for their intended purpose of suppressive fire.

Please be respectful to your field and other players, don’t abuse your power.