Airtech Studios - G&G ARP9 / ARP556 BEU Battery Extension Unit

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Deze extension unit voor de ARP 9 en ARP 556 van G&G Armament, zorgt ervoor dat je grotere accu's (Li-Po, NIMH en Titan) of batterijen kwijt kan in je replica waardoor je een stuk langer zal kunnen spelen voordat de batterij gewisseld moet worden. Een must have voor de ARP spelers, zelfs zij die enkel CQB spelen. Check em in de winkel in Den Haag, of bestel veilig via de webshop!

The Airtech Studios G&G ARP9 / ARP556 BEU Battery Extension Unit is designed to fit on G&G ARP series of AEG guns:  fits on the ARP9 and ARP556.  Very easy to install so you can add longer and bigger batteries in your rear stock/buffer area. 

With it installed, you can use 9.6v 1600mah nun-chuck, and any longer 11.1v batteries in it, with extra room to spare.  This is a must have for those that want flexibility with battery space.  For the ARP9 and ARP556, the mosfet is tuned for 11.1v, so we suggest sticking with that voltage (not the 9.6v battery).

Installation is drop-in, no tools or anything needed.  Simply pop in place to extend its buffer tube area length.  This is a must-have for any ARP9 user!

One of the main issues encountered with the ARP9 and ARP556 series is the limited battery space to use the conventional sized Li-Po batteries. Instead, you are required to use a couple of smaller sized variants which is difficult to last a whole day of gaming.

The Airtech BEU will provide you with double the amount of battery space to utilize with no modification required for the installation. The extension units are made with strong nylon that is resistant to BB impact or rough handling. A video on installation and handling is here: