Laser Ammo - SureStrike Ultimate LE Edition

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Een 780 nm IR laser versie van de Laser Ammo Ultimate LE editie SureStrike, een set waarmee je voorzien bent voor de meest gangbare pistool en geweer kalibers, om jouw droogvuur training goed, efficiënt en met meetbare groeicurve uit te voeren. Deze set is overal veilig te gebruiken met vuurwapens, let erop dat trainingen met vuurwapens aan strenge locatie en vervoer wetgeving is gebonden. Check em in de winkel, of bestel veilig via de webhop!


Use your semi auto pistol and AR-15 rifle - 4 calibers in one training system, with a bore-sighter as a bonus!
The SureStrike™ Ultimate LE Edition Contains:
• 223 SureStrike™ laser cartridge and 223 barrel adapter
• 9mm(9x19) SureStrike™ with Multi Mode cap — 5,000 additional shots!
• 40S&W caliber adapter
• 45ACP caliber adapter
• UhrSecure safety system (Short pipe, Extension pipe and nut)
• 6 reflective targets (For red laser option only, as IR laser is not visible)
• Camouflage Carrying case
• User Guide
• Battery
As professionals we know you need to train with what you use and carry. The SureStrike™ Ultimate LE Edition contains the 4 most popular calibers in one compact training kit. Our affordable laser training system allows you to train with your AR-15 and carry pistol. With the cost of ammo and long duty shifts getting in the way of range time, our kit allows you to set up a dry fire range practically anywhere.
Load the SureStrike™ cartridge in your firearm, hang the reflective targets up across a room, take aim, and pull the trigger. When you dry fire the SureStrike™ emits an eye safe shot of red laser light. You get instant visual feedback of shot placement. This immediate feedback from the SureStrike™ transforms regular dry fire into a powerful learning experience.
Electronics: Computer Microprocessor
Power Source: Silver oxide dry cell batteries
Construction: Stainless steel
Laser Spec: Class 1, Output lower than 1mW, Red laser 650nm/ IR laser 780nm wavelength
Safety: Lead free, eye safe (meeting EU regulations)
Laser Ammo Ltd. develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. The SureStrike™ illustrates Laser Ammo's product philosophy: delivering the markets most intelligent concepts at the greatest possible value. Laser Ammo's training products are the best available, in part because the Company is dedicated solely to the field of laser bullet training.